Four events for Lawyers at Bath Digital Festival

Let’s take a closer look at how modern-thinking law firms can get the most out of Bath Digital Festival 2018.

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Becky Rock-Evans

7th September 2018

No industry is immune to digital transformation. Although the legal industry was slow to adopt digital changes, advances in cloud security mean that law firms are able to embrace new technology. It’s also recently reported that some of the more repetitive aspects of law, including research, briefings and testimony, are likely to be replaced by machine learning in future. LexisNexis Discovery IQ estimates that 70% of legal review expenditure could be saved by using machine learning and analytics. 

The future of law could even include robotics. In the UK, you can contest unfair parking tickets using the AI App ‘Do Not Pay.’ This app overturned 375,000 tickets in just a two year period. Added to this that 90% of lawyers now use smartphones, the law is unlikely to remain paper-based industry for much longer. 

Let’s take a closer look at how modern-thinking law firms can get the most out of Bath Digital Festival 2018.

Looking for clients? Grow your business with Digital PR and SEO

If your law firm is on the hunt for new clients, one of the easiest ways to enhance visibility is through local SEO and targeted public relations. Attend this talk to get the inside track.

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The importance of company culture, and how to demonstrate this online

Your clients want to know that you leave and breathe your company values, more today than ever before. Find out how to develop, and nurture a winning company culture.

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Looming tax return? How to make digital tax a doddle

If your firm is growing, then there’s some smart hacks to getting tax efficiencies in place. This talk is definitely worth it’s weight in gold.

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The future of client engagement: from 360 video to AR

For the more adventurous legal teams, why not have a look at how AR and 360 video could enhance client calls, team meetings and boost your businesses online profile.

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