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Wondering if you could make it in the digital world? Want to learn some new skills to start a career in digital? At BDF 2020 we have been thinking of you, so come and take a look at the events we have aimed at digital career seekers.

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Nina Sellars

14th October 2020

How to start your career in digital design - Tuesday 20th 4:30-5:30 pm

Are you creative and thinking about a career where you can mix your art skills with the digital world? Timothy Salter-Hewitt from Just Eat will be talking about web and app design. He has over a decade of experience in digital design and is currently Senior UI Designer at Just Eat. He will tell you about the career path for a designer and explain how you can start out on this journey.

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Careers advice

Careers Advice Q&A Livestream - Saturday 24th 2-3 pm

Are you interested in a career in digital technology but don’t know where to start? You have the skills but are unsure who is even recruiting right now? You’re wondering how your skillset can be used for a career in tech? You started out as a junior in a particular role but you’re unsure what your next step should be?

All these questions and more can be answered in this livestream careers session with Jessica Rose.

Jessica Rose is a self-taught technologist obsessed with fostering more equal access to technical education and meaningful work in technology. She's a keynote speaker, nonprofit founder, consultant, and podcaster. She's always excited to hear about what new and brilliant things you're working on, come talk to her about your dreams. 

To help Jessica answer as many questions as possible, as soon as you’ve pressed the button to book your spot, please send any questions you may have to: My question for the Careers advice Q&A

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Third Thursday Special: Digital career paths - Thursday 22nd 6:30-8 pm

Come and enjoy the Third Thursday community and hear from our members on their career paths. The event will be recorded and the footage used to inspire others considering a career in creative or digital tech, specifically for the BDF Digital Skills Exchange, launching at the Festival. 

Becky will kick start the evening with a bit of background about how the festival is supporting the skills and talent need in Bath and, might even share her career story. Then, it's over to you guys to chat, comment and share. 

This event is open to everyone and anyone, you don't have to be technically minded. This is a very open and chatty group. 

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What a CTO really wants to see when you apply for a job in their team - Thursday 22nd 1-2 pm

At Rocketmakers we have an ‘always open’ recruitment policy - we work on the assumption that we’re more likely to uncover great developers if we’re open to their application when they are ready. As a result, we see a very wide range of applications - from junior to senior developers and from software architects to UX designers. We hire for cultural fit as much as we do for specific experience with our tech stack so it’s even more important that people put their best foot forward when they apply. 

At this lunchtime session we’re going to open the door to the Rocketmakers Galaxy and share what we look for when we review CVs and welcome people to an interview. At this informative and fun-packed event, you will:

  • Learn what our CTO looks for in applications
  • Hear our tips to help you prepare for an interview
  • Share your questions with our experienced in-house recruitment lead
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Tickets are free this year as we have gone virtual but if you can, please donate to support this amazing festival 🙏

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