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Nina Sellars

2nd October 2019

Today, our lives revolve around technology and we are always on the lookout for new innovative digital solutions that will allow us to increase efficiency and live our lives to the fullest. From our smartphones which have apps to track your health and steps, to virtual digital assistants found within the home which you can ask any question and get an instantaneous response, we are immersed in a digital world. At Bath Digital Festival 2019 we are looking at how technology is impacting our lives and the world around us. Below are a few highlights from the Digital Living category:

Can Technology Save the Planet?

Can Technology Save the Planet - Thursday 25 October

Sean Devane & Craig Rackstraw will co-host this talk, they work at Icoteq a Bath based technology innovation consultancy.

The internet landscape is exploding and it is no longer just about your mobile, laptop and tablet connecting to the internet, but an abundance of devices including washing machines, robotic vacuum cleaners, the boiler and heating systems to name but a few. The internet of things (IoT) is made up of all of your everyday devices and objects which connect to the internet and share data with each other. Analysts predict that there will be over 25 billion devices connected by 2025 with an economic value of over 10 trillion dollars.

Sean and Craig will look at how wireless technology can have an impact in the field of conservation and will go into detail on using wireless technology to track sea turtles. Icoteq Ltd have successfully developed a satellite tracking device which can be used on sea turtles, and will ultimately be released to the community with open source hardware and software allowing the turtles to be monitored at scale for conservation purposes.

They will also be answering questions on how can technology be used to help solve the major issues with plastic pollution and the future of IoT and conservation.

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The Carbon Footprint of the Internet and Ideas on Easily...

The Carbon Footprint of the Internet and Ideas on Easily Reducing Your Impact - Friday 26 October

Talk by Hannah Smith from Opcan

Did you know that the internet is thought to produce more carbon emissions than the aviation industry? In fact, the IT sector consumes approximately 7% of global electricity.

There are an estimated 4.5 billion internet users in 2019! The internet consumes a huge amount of greenhouse gases, emitting energy in manufacturing and shipping all of the hardware including servers, computers and smartphones, as well as electricity to power devices and in cooling servers. Every google search comes with a carbon footprint price tag of around 0.2 - 7 grams of carbon dioxide emissions ( 7 grams is the equivalent of boiling a pot of tea) and there are approximately 5.6 billion searches per day! 🤯 That’s a lot of searches! Do you ever consider the implications and resources required in fruitlessly searching the internet for an answer to a silly question?

Hannah will be exploring all of these unseen carbon emissions from the internet that you have possibly not even considered and then go on to suggest ideas on how you can reduce your internet carbon footprint, whether you are a web designer or casual user of the web, we can all do our part. She will also be explaining what the tech industry is currently doing to address this important issue.

Did you know that the internet is thought to produce more carbon emissions than the aviation industry? In fact, the IT sector consumes approximately 7% of global electricity.

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Parenting in Today's Digital Age

Parenting in Today's Digital Age - Saturday 26 October

Talk by Gill Simpson from Chapter Forty Four

Raising children in the digital age seems like a whole new job but if you strip it back to the criteria for helping create a happy, healthy young adult, it is the same as it has ever been. Every generation has a parenting challenge and for this generation it just happens to be screen time, who knows what the next generation will be dealing with? Parenting challenges however, seem far more daunting compared to 50 years ago because the digital world has opened up endless possibilities, some of which we are completely unaware of unless we attempt to delve into the life of a modern teenager.

Gill is going to help clarify the situation by getting the audience to participate and reflect about their relationship with the digital world, and then understand what is going on with their children’s relationship with digital media. You will walk away with a better understanding of how the digital world can be incorporated into your child's life in a positive way as well as a plan for how to embrace the digital age in your family life.

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VR Therapies

Virtual Reality Therapies - Saturday 26 October

Talk by Rebecca Gill from VR Therapies

Researchers have been looking into virtual reality therapies for a while and studying the benefits for people with mental health issues including autism, social anxiety and PTSD among others. Exposure therapy where people have to face their fears in a safe setting can help them in the real world as it helps desensitize the patient to whatever the fear is, whether it’s heights or being in a social situation such as grabbing a coffee in a packed cafe.

Rebecca has used her experience as a learning disabilities nurse to bring VR therapies to people who need it, whether it is taking those too poorly to walk and allowing them to swim with dolphins, or children undergoing chemotherapy and exploring space. Rebecca will introduce you into the immersive world of virtual reality where you are only limited by your imagination. Find out how patients forget about chronic pain and delve into a new world of VR.

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