Come say "hi" at Cardiff's Digital Festival

Talk Tech, find funding and go global in Cardiff on 21 & 22 May.

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Becky Rock-Evans

31st December 2017

Bath Digital Festival is going on tour

If you're attending Digital Festival in Cardiff, make sure you visit us in the expo area

The Tech City UK report ranked the South West in the top three for digital economic turnover and, it seems, we're not all about the money. According to TechSPARK, over the past year the region has seen some of the biggest progress in terms if inclusivity, diversity, education and social enterprise. 

It seems South Wales is also becoming a bit of a digital hot spot. With the Severn Bridge toll fee being scrapped at the end of the year, it opens the door to further collaboration in the digital sector. 

What better way to showcase what South Wales has to offer than at the Digital Festival in Cardiff on 21 and 22 May; a two day event at the Wales Millenium Centre.  

Exploring megatrends such as 5G, artificial intelligence and IoT - internet of things, Digital Festival attracts the young minds and start-ups turning concepts into reality. The festival will have a start-ups and innovation zone, where emerging technologies and services are showcased to a global audience.

It’s where the big players work with the business fledglings; major corps collaborate with smart start-ups, tackling challenges to growth and; where companies head for inspiration, entertainment and new connections.

It sounds pretty exciting to us! We'll be there and will report back on what we found out. 

See you there!

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