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#BDF2019 was a great year for us! Here's some of the best bits!

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17th February 2020

#BDF2019 was a great year for us! Here's some of the best bits!

With 92 events over 5 days it was our biggest one yet!


We had a hub on New Bond Street for two weeks! 👍

Third Thursday

The launch of Third Thursday! 🤝


Continued to inspire the younger generation! 🧒


Showcased some talented artists


Kept up our promise to create inclusive, open events


Discussed brilliant ideas

2019 Headline sponsor Cognisess

Cognisess created a playlist of their sessions. Make sure to check them out through the link!

Cognisess's Playlist

Tech for good live recorded a podcast with us at #BDF2019 where discussed Social Media and Democracy. The event took questions from the audience and discussed between the panel.

The panel was made up of;

  • Jim Morrison - Director of Bath Digital Festival and founder of OneSub
  • Rebecca Rae-Evans - Founder of Reply & Tech For Good Live
  • John Harris - The Guardian columnist
  • Eriol Fox - Ushahidi design lead
  • James Padolsey - Ex-Facebook & Twitter Software Engineer
  • Mykola Kuzmin - 3rd year PPE student at the University of Manchester

Check out the podcast

Ben Kinnaird's round up of his experience 

We always love Ben's videos especially when he attends the festival, it a long one but a brilliant watch.

"After spending three days, attending 12 talks and walking over 20,000 steps, I?m back from Bath Digital Festival. I was lucky enough to interview some of the speakers and attendees to bring you a flavour of the state of technology and marketing in 2019.

It?s a fully packed episode and I hope you enjoy it."

Check out the write up here:

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