BDF2019 - 12 Streams of Awesome Events

Check out our 12 new awesome categories of tech events for everyone!

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Jim Morrison

16th July 2019

Event Categories

Bath Digital Festival 2019

We have 12x exciting new categories for 2019.  Much like our 9x streams from the past two years, these categories are designed to make sure that the festival covers a broad range of topics that are accessible to as many people as possible.  Here they are... 

Events for Everyone

Events for people of all ages, professions and interests

Digital Talent
Skills, Talent, Learning, Culture, Diversity

Digital Living
​​​​​​​Environment, Ethics, Health, Sustainability, Accessibility & Third Sector

Digital Arts
Arts, Performance, Gaming, Animation, Motion & Textiles

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Events for your Work-Life

Explore the future of work in the digital age

Digital Business
Digital Transformation, E-commerce, IP, Law & Finance

Digital Entrepreneurs
Funding, Start-ups, Scaling & Product Development

Digital Ethics
Cyber Security, Data, GDPR, Ethics, Privacy & Trust

Digital Content
Content Strategy, Social Media, Storytelling, Blogging & Comms

Digital Marketing
​​​​​​​Data Science, Analytics, SEM, SEO, Brand, Advertising

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Events for Technophiles

Discover new skills, technologies & expertise

Digital Experience
Web Design, UX, UI & Customer Experience 

Digital Builders
Web Development, Creative Coding, JS, CSS & Web Tech 

Digital Engineering
DevOps, Coding, Machine Learning & AI

Digital World
3D & 3D Print, Haptics, VR, AR, Robotics, Innovative technology

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