Bath Digital Festival is going virtual!

This year we are going virtual! With the current climate and most of the team still working from home we have made the decision to stay safe and put on a virtual festival this year, but don’t worry we have loads of relevant digital content lined up for you.

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Nina Sellars

8th September 2020

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How to get Wristbands

As we have moved to the virtual scene this year we have made our sought after wristbands, complimentary. These can be found on our website, but if you can, please donate some money to keep us going. We are a charity and heavily rely on our sponsors and your goodwill to keep running year after year. Without your support, we couldn’t run any of these events which celebrate our digital skills and businesses in the South West.

We are proud to highlight all we do in the South West and want to make sure we are here again next year to show off all the amazing things that are happening on the digital scene in Bath and Bristol, but we do need your help to carry on.

Launch of the Digital Skills Exchange

Keep an eye out for our launch of the Digital Skills Exchange where we are working with businesses to help improve the flow of talent and allow individuals to realise their digital potential. Discover the different jobs available in the digital sector and where current skills can be matched to digital jobs or new talents uncovered.

BDF: Invest in the Future

Come and take advantage of what we have on offer, see if you can discover some new skills and find out what is happening in the digital world.

Don’t forget to sign up for your complimentary wristband and please make a contribution if you can.

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