Bath Digital Festival: Inspiring Children in the World of Technology

A quick look at what the Bath Digital Festival has lined up for the kids.

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Nina Sellars

8th October 2019

How can we help to inspire our children in this fast paced digital world where it sometimes seems hard to keep up with evolving technology and new innovations ourselves? How do you motivate and teach them when you know nothing about programming, coding and creating apps? 

Luckily here at the Bath Digital Festival we have something to keep both the kids busy and the parents. There are some amazing interactive workshops lined up where the kids will be able to create apps and their very own Halloween emoji, but also a workshop for parents as well discussing, parenting in the digital age! 

Inspiring children in the world of technology and innovation

Inspiring Children in the World of Technology & Innovation - Wednesday 23rd October 2019

A workshop run by the Doodle Developers for year 5 & 6 primary school students.  You will need to enter as a team of 4 so gather your friends and get ready to develop 🤖

Do you love the digital world? Are you ready to be inspired by technology? Are you a Doodle fan? If so, make sure you join us in our workshop where you can become a Doodle Developer!

Upon arrival, you and your team will be greeted by key members of the Doodle team. You’ll be invited to enjoy some brain-fuelling snacks and a drink before beginning the workshop at 4pm.

We’ll kick-start the workshop by sharing with you the exciting roles there are within the Doodle company, what each member does and a few Doodle secrets! You and your team members will then be set on the Doodle Developer challenge where you will be able to plan, design and hopefully have your very own game developed within our apps!

Each team will be allocated a Doodle team member to work with - and watch out for our specialist developers and graphic designer who will give you their top tips to help you succeed in the challenge!

Once time’s up, you and your team will pitch your game to the other teams and Doodle judges… Whose game will be featured in an upcoming release?

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Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids! Saturday 26th October 2019

3 workshops running throughout the day on Saturday by John Reeves a software validation engineer for safety critical systems.

Please bring your own laptop, although we have some extra laptops for people who can't bring their own.

Scratch story making for children in KS 1 and 2

Come and make your own interactive Halloween Digital Story in Scratch.

Digital stories are the best - heroes are the setting of a great book with real action and interaction too. Using art and creative writing to design strong characters and setting; bring your story alive with action between the characters, then make your story interactive!

Interactive web emoji for students in KS 3 and 4

Come and make your own interactive Halloween emoji in HTML and javascript.

Web pages are like great books, with the added beauty of movement and interaction! Using HTML, javascript and real online software development tools, you too can make your witches, cats and pumpkins interactive, then take them home to amaze your friends and family.

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Parenting in Today's Digital Age

Parenting in Today’s Digital Age - Saturday 26th October 

Gill Simpson from Chapter Forty Four runs this interactive workshops for parents.

Raising children in the digital age seems like a whole new job but if you strip it back to the criteria for helping create a happy, healthy young adult, it is the same as it has ever been. Every generation has a parenting challenge and for this generation it just happens to be screen time, who knows what the next generation will be dealing with? Parenting challenges however, seem far more daunting compared to 50 years ago because the digital world has opened up endless possibilities, some of which we are completely unaware of unless we attempt to delve into the life of a modern teenager. 

Gill is going to help clarify the situation by getting the audience to participate and reflect about their relationship with the digital world, and then understand what is going on with their children’s relationship with digital media. You will walk away with a better understanding of how the digital world can be incorporated into your child's life in a positive way as well as a plan for how to embrace the digital age in your family life.

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