Are we about to witness the start of a new business boom?

At June's Third Thursday, we talked about the impact of Covid-19 on new business startups - disaster or opportunity?

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Becky Rock-Evans

25th June 2020

Setting the scene

Introducing June's secret speaker

The current pandemic hasn't been fun for anybody. Stuck at home, businesses hitting a wall and jobs on the line - none of these things can be ignored. But, there has to be something positive to come of such a tragic situation.

With many people furloughed and the public forced to slow down, it allows time to think, explore, create. We're speculating a bit but could we be in the midst of a new business boom?

Jason Scott, founder of Firebrew talks about his experience launching a new business in 2020.

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What else did we talk about?

Opportunities for businesses

Nearly all businesses have needed to adapt to new working environments, clients and customers.

Small businesses are able to react and adapt to change much easier and any new businesses will have hopefully launched pandemic ready, prepared for resilience in a crisis. 

With most people now working from home, will we see the end of business hubs or clusters in major cities, in turn reducing office rental costs and provide the opportunity for other businesses to move or expand in to new locations where they wouldn't have been able before? Not to mention the environmental benefits of remote working. 

Of course for some new businesses the pandemic won't have been the best timing, particularly if seeking funding from other businesses. However, there are so many new business support and grant funding packages out there from the likes of Enterprise Nation, the Digital Innovation Fund and local council grants. 

With the right preparation and the ability to adapt, 2020 could be a really exciting time for small and new businesses. 

We also talked about

Tools, resources and skills to get us through the next few months

A large part of Jason's story involved him needing to learn a new coding language to service the backend functionality of the website. It sparked the conversation about whether coding is a useful tool to have under your belt and if so, does it make you a more desirable applicant?

A few different free or minimal fee courses were suggested including the Institute of Coding, Khan Acaddemy,, FutureLearn, Udemy, Coursera and there are plenty of tutorials to get you started on YouTube. 

All of these tools and resources have been linked in the TT handbook

View the BDFTT Handbook

Get in touch

Chat to Jason about his story

If you have any questions for Jason or just want to pick his brains some more about his start-up journey, get in touch. At the very least, it's definitely worth jumping on the subscription beer bandwagon. 

Check out his site and contact him at:


Leader photo credit: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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